New Shoots Beginner’s Photography

New Shoots Beginner’s Photography

I’m very happy to announce the creation of New Shoots Photography Training. Earlier this year, my partner in crime Liz Devonshire also a professional photographer, (based in North London) developed a beginner’s photography training programme, for DSLR camera owners who want to up their game and get creative. We both want to help other people enjoy the creative side of photography, especially those right at the beginning who might feel a bit overwhelmed by all the settings and menus on their camera.

This summer Liz and I set off to sunny Borough Market to conduct our first training session for New Shoots. We had a fabulous time, the course has been designed for a small group of just six participants, so we can give everyone our full attention. The feedback we received confirmed what we felt regarding the workshop, that there was a real need out there for people who owned DSLR cameras, but were struggling to get the most out of them. They had bought these cameras initially so they could take better pictures and become more creative. But the camera instructions just weren’t enough. They just needed some straight forward, hands-on guidance, where you could ask questions and get immediate feedback, something you just can’t get from a webinar or a book.

“Thank you to everyone who recommended “NEWSHOOTS PHOTOGRAPHY TRAINING”, I attended the photography workshop yesterday which took place in Borough Market in London. It was excellent, pitched just right for beginners and I would thoroughly recommend it….” Sarah.

“This photography course was amazing. I did everything on auto before the course. The basic understanding I gained of using the settings on the camera has given me the confidence to experiment. I just got back from a safari holiday with some amazing photos. Very few were taken on auto!” Lisa

“Great location for the workshop in the buzz of Borough Market. Really enjoyed taking a bit more time to understand the settings on my camera and practice with them. The team put together a comprehensive booklet, and were on hand for any queries and to give the participants encouragement too!” Kate