Welcome to New Shoots; offering Beginners Photography Training. Take a look at our new dates for group workshops below:

Tuesday 5th Feb

Valentines Theme – Get off Auto DSLR camera users.

Tuesday 30th April

Get off Auto – Walkabout workshop in Borough Market – DSLR camera users

Saturday 4th May

Children’s photography for improvers and more confident DSLR users.

Tuesday 2nd July

Get off Auto –open to bridge camera users and DSLR

Saturday 14th September

Get off Auto – DSLR camera users

Tuesday 22nd October

Halloween Theme – DSLR camera users

All workshops are no more than six participants. Workshops are based in London; around Borough Market and Southbank.

I run New Shoots with another professional photographer, together we will be teaching the basics of DSLR photography and showing you how to use that DSLR camera you have gathering dust because you’re unsure how it works. There will be a model to practice techniques and myself and Liz instructing in a way that is easy to understand. The workshop is designed to inspire and is packed with practical advice – it is a starting point for your own photographic adventures.

One-to-one training also available for those that prefer.

For more information about our workshops or one to one training please email me nc@ncrouchphotography.com or call me 020 8468 7272