Welcome to New Shoots; offering Beginners Photography Training, Smartphone Walkabout Workshops and Photo-Gram a synergy between smartphone photography and Instagram know-how . Take a look at our new dates for group workshops below:

Thursday 27th Feb

Smartphone Walkabout Workshop 2 and a half hours – Borough Market

Friday 13th March

Photo-Gram – Smartphone photography training and Instagram marketing using your own photos

Thursday 26th March

Get Off Auto – DSLR training day with model in Borough Market

Thursday 23rd April

Smartphone Walkabout Workshop 2 and a half hours – Borough Market

Thursday 21st May

Smartphone Walkabout Workshop 2 and a half hours – Borough Market

All workshops are in small friendly groups. Workshops are based in London; around Borough Market and Southwark Cathedral.

I run New Shoots with another professional photographer Liz Devonshire, we offer three different types of workshop DSLR photography, Smartphone Photography and Photo-Gram. Photo-Gram is a joint venture between New Shoots and Social Elements Media.

Smartphone workshops – as we walk around Borough Market we will be showing you how to transform your photos using good composition and exposure. We will also be giving you basic editing techniques.

DSLR photography – together we will be teaching the basics of DSLR photography, showing you how to use that DSLR camera you have gathering dust because you’re unsure how it works. There will be a model to practice techniques and myself and Liz instructing in a way that is easy to understand. The workshop is designed to inspire and is packed with practical advice – it is a starting point for your own photographic adventures.

Photo-Gram is a full day split into two parts. Part 1 – The Importance of Good Imagery, Pre-shoot Planning, How to use your Smartphone Camera, Shooting a flat lay, Styling for your Shoot, Lighting, Composition, Editing. Part 2 – The fundamentals of Instagram, What makes a good Instagram Post, Tips on brand identity and best practice techniques, How to use hashtags, The importance of Instagram stories, Useful tools and tips, How to boost an Instagram post, How to measure success.

One-to-one training also available for those that prefer.

For more information about our workshops or one to one training please email me nc@ncrouchphotography.com or call me 020 8468 7272